Westminster College                  B/Tec Professional Development Certificate                  London                  U.K.

September 1998-June 1999                  Multimedia

Including the Study of Semiotics

Saint Martins College of Art                  Master of Arts (M.A.)                  London                  U.K.

September 1994-June 1995                  Communication design

Dissertation: “The Wonder of Alice” A Psychological Study

Cambridge College of Art                  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)                  Cambridge                   U.K.

September 1973-June 1974                  Graphic Design/Photography

Developed Victorian Printing Techniques

Chelsea College of Art & Design

September 1973-June 1974                  Foundation Certificate                  London                  U.K.

London College of Fashion                  Foundation Certificate                  London                  U.K.

September 1972-June 1973                  Dress & Textile Design

Vice President for Student Union

I am currently taking a qualification in the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5.

Lecturing/Teaching History

 University Arts London – London College of Fashion                                   London                  U.K.

September 2011 – ongoing                  Course Leader B.A. Fashion Illustration

 University for the Creative Arts                  Foundation                  Kent                  U.K.

Art & Design

September 1997-1999                  Part Time

September 1999-2000                  0.5 Lecture

September 2000-2011                  Senior Lecture, Course Leader Foundation Studies

 Savannah College of Art & Design

September 1995-June 1997                  Master & Bachelor of Fine Arts (M.F.A) & (B.F.A)                   Georgia                   U.S.A.                                                         Illustration

Full Time

Kent Institute of Art & Design                  Foundation                  Kent                  U.K.

September 1993-June 1994                  Art & Design

Part Time

Chelsea School of Art & Design                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1992 – June 1994                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

University of New South Wales                  Lecture Tour                  NSW                 Australia

Randwick College of Art &                  “The State of British Illustration”

Technology                  Slide Presentation

September 1990-June 1991

 Epsom School of Art                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1988-June 1989                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

Southwark College of Art                  Foundation                  London                  U.K.

September 1988-June 1989                  Life Drawing

Part Time

Harrow College of Art                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1988-June 1989                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

Lecture Tour

Daytona Beach Community College                                    Florida                     U.S.A.

University of Central Florida                  “The State of British Illustration”                  Florida                     U.S.A.

Parsons School of Design                  Slide Presentation                  New York               U.S.A.

Pratt University                                    New York               U.S.A.

Somerset College of Art & Technology                                    U.K.

Lincolnshire College of Art & Technology                  Lincolnshire                  U.K.

Dunstable College                                    Bedfordshire                  U.K.

University of Derby                                    Derbyshire                  U.K.

Glasgow School of Art                                    Scotland                  U.K.

Cambridge College of Art & Technology                  Cambridge                  U.K.

Thurrock College                                    Essex                  U.K.

Newham Community College                                    London                  U.K.

Loughborough College of Art & Design                                    U.K.

Cauldron College of Further Education                                    U.K.

Newcastle Polytechnic                                    Newcastle                  U.K.

Maidstone School of Art & Design                                    Kent                  U.K.

Cleveland College of Art & Design                                    Cleveland                  U.K.

Dunstable College                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1986-June 1987                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

Middlesex University                  Foundation                  London                  U.K.

September 1983-June 1988                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

Harlow Technical College                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1978-June 1982                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

University of California                  Presentation                  California                U.S.A.

September 1980-June 1980                  Graphic Design/Illustration

Part Time

Morley College of Adult Education                  B/Tec Higher National Diploma                  London                  U.K.

September 1977-June 1978                  Print Making/Etching & Lithography

Part Time

One Woman Exhibitions

 The Arts Centre                                        “Cover Story”                                                                       Soest               Germany

June 2006                                                    Work commissioned for White Horse Theatre Catalogue ISBN 34653 78690

The Turtle Key Arts Centre                  “Persona”                  London                  U.K.

November 1993

Ravensdale Gallery                  “Rogues Gallery”                  London

June 1988

5 Dryden Street Gallery                  “Rogues Gallery”                  London                  U.K.

June 1987

5 Dryden Street Gallery                  “Retrospective”                  London                  U.K.

June 1986

Gonvile & Cauis Art Society                  Selected Works                  Cambridge                  U.K.

June 1983

The Illustrators Gallery                  Selected Works                  London                  U.K.

January 1980

The Arts Centre                                       Work produced for White Horse Theatre                           Soest                  Germany

June 2006

Group Exhibitions


The Illustrators Art Gallery                                    London                  U.K.

Francis Kyle Gallery                                    London                  U.K.

Thumb Gallery                                    London                  U.K.

Jordon Gallery                                    London                  U.K.

33 King Street Gallery                                    London                  U.K.

Santa Barbara Art Gallery, UCSB                                    California                U.S.A.

Savannah College of Art & Design                                    Georgia                   U.S.A.

Maidstone Museum                                    Kent                     U.K.

Studio Voltair                                                                                                                                            London                   U.K.

Pall Mall Deposit 5X5                                                                                                                               London                   U.K.


Silver Marker Awards                  Work Exhibited                  London                  U.K.

1990-1993                                                   Cover Illustration for Gai Pied

Benson & Hedges/Derwent Competition                 

1990-1993                  Work Shortlisted for Exhibition                  London                  U.K.

Illustration “The Streets of London”

Association of Illustrators                  Featured in Association of Illustrators Magazine                  London                  U.K.

1990-1993                                                       Interviewed about my work as an Illustrator

The European Illustration Annual                  Work included                  London                  U.K.

1986                                                                            Entitled: Johnnie the Transvestite

BBC Television                  Work Encapsulated in                   London                  U.K.

1986                  “The BBC Doomsday Book”

Featured on “Blue Peter” BBC Children’s Television

Association of Illustrators                  Included in The Association of Illustrators Annual                  London                  U.K.

1990-1993                                                            Four Images from my Travelog of Greece

The Design Centre                  Work Exhibited in the Haymarket                  London                  U.K.

1982-1990                                                       Six Pieces Commissioned by the Drawing Board Co.

Published Works

Illustrations In: The Sunday Times, Company, Cosmopolitan, Honey, Look Now, Gay News, Time Out, Fashion Weekly, The Observer Supplement, Vise News, New Society, Girl About Town, Mister, Business/British Printer, British Elle and Good Housekeeping.

Covers for: Spare Rib, New Society, Gay News, Nursing Times, Gai Pied, Classical Music, British Painter, The Santa Barbara News and Review and Connexions.

Advertising commissions: Marks and Spencer, Jonny Walker, Fine Fare, Sainsburys, British Rail, South Bank Arts Centre, Men & Boys Wear International, Domecq Domain, BHS, The Health Department, Liberty, Sun Alliance, Swatch Watches and the Arts Council.

Professional Memberships

I hold membership to four professional bodies:                   Association of Illustrations (U.K.)

                  College Art Association (U.S.A.) and

                  The Society of Industrial Artists and Designers (S.I.A.D)

                                                                                        Institute For Learning (UK)